Get paid remixing math & music with students online

Now you can earn extra money teaching the Make Music Count program to students online ― No experience required!


What is Make Music Count?

Now students can improve their math skills in a fun, engaging way: learning the notes and chords to their favorite Hip-Hop and Pop songs.

Help kids improve their math skills with music

Teach online sessions helping students find the notes and chords to the most popular Hip-Hop and Pop music by solving math problems.

Perfect for distance learning

COVID is making the school year very different for students and parents across the globe. Our teachers interface with students live in virtual classrooms throughout each day in direct, one on one and group instruction

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No Experience Required!

Perfect for anyone who loves music, math, and teaching kids

Our turnkey platform solves the problem of coming up with engaging coursework for your classroom. If you love music and math, and you love teaching kids, you can earn extra money as a Make Music Count Academy Instructor

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It's easy to apply. Simply answer a few brief questions and a member of the Make Music Count Academy will respond within 24 hours.